Woman Pulls Fire Alarm Because Her Phone Died

THERE is no denying that smartphones, computers, and other pieces of tech have ingrained themselves into the world around us. It’s easier to assume someone has a phone equipped with Siri, Cortana, Bixby or whatever it’s called at this point.

It’s also common knowledge that fire alarms are not meant to be frivolously pulled. Obviously, Dequaisia Taylor didn’t read that online before her phone reached zero percent. According to TCPalm, 20-year-old Dequaisia Taylor was dropped off by a friend around 12:27 AM. By the time she was ready to go home, her phone had died.

She pulled the fire alarm to draw attention to herself so she could receive help. This didn’t end the way she planned, as a deputy had arrived on the scene over a “suspicious person”. Originally, there was no sign of a suspicious individual until he heard a fire alarm a few buildings down.

While pulling up to the building I observed a female on the fourth floor attempting to flag me down.” The affidavit reported.

Taylor claimed to have a home in Broward Country but didn’t know her address. However, she did have a South Carolina license. She was then arrested on the grounds of falsely pulling a fire alarm and taken to Martin County Jail.

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