AS you may be aware, Mesa, Arizona’s police department has been under heavy backlash after two separate instances of “excessive force” being practiced by their police officers. The arrest in question occurred on January, 28 where two men were pulled over over potentially driving under the influence. One of the two men in the car named Jose Conde was soon pulled to the ground and beaten to excess where they later found illegal narcotics on his person, but no weapon, so excessive force would not apply. Police bodycam footage surfaced, recently, that showed Conde’s run-in with the law. He had exited the car and was immediately pursued by the authorities who forced him to the ground. They proceeded to beat him relentlessly and showed no form of sympathy for the 23-year-old. He has said they had done several things including throwing him to the against a wall, hitting him with a police flashlight, and getting his eye gouged. Conde was taken into custody and later brought to the hospital where he tried to escape. He could then be seen on the video surrounded by police officers in a pool of his own blood being mocked. One officer even told him to “man up”. The president of the Mesa Police Association saw nothing wrong with the actions of his officers - of which some were a part of the violence - as Conde resisted arrest, allegedly tried to grab officers’ body armor, and tried to escape. Even with this information, it still could leave a sour taste in peoples’ mouths. Conde sustained multiple injuries that forced him to get his ear sewn back on and his head stapled back together.
JUN. 14, 2018