WHAT was going to be a 2 AM trip to the fast food chain, Whataburger in San Antonio, Texas, turned into a teen’s hat being stolen and a drink tossed in his face. Sixteen-year-old, Hunter Richard, was at Whataburger with two friends at around 2 AM when a man, who was identified as thirty-year-old, Kino Jimenez, was filled with “unbridled liberal rage” decided to steal the teen’s hat. At the time, the San Antonio teen was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. When his hat was taken from him, the stranger asked why he was wearing the hat to which Richard explained he supported the 45th President, he was met with Jimenez tossing a drink in his face and beginning to walk away. As the thief stepped away, getting ready to leave with the teen’s aforemetnioned hat he said: “You ain’t supporting sh*t ni***” Jimenez walked away and in the distance said the hat would go great in his fireplace. On the bright side, Jimenez has been arrested and charged with theft of a person and has yet to have any bail amount public. The perp also lost his part-time job over at San Antonio’s  Rumble due to his actions. Richard has went on record saying he would have much preferred having a civil conversation with Jimenez, rather than having his MAGA cap stolen and a drink thrown in his face. Some of the victim’s hair was also ripped out from the confrontation. Sadly, this assault has been a growing trend in the US; Trump supporters making claims that they were assaulted or treated improperly because of their pro-Trump apparel. We seem to live in a world where a person – even minors – can be physically attacked by someone over something as harmless as headgear. UPDATE A recent report indicates that Hunter Richard might have instigated the actions that happened to him at around 2 AM a few days prior. A witness who claims to have been in the same Wataburger that the Trump supporting teen was at spoke out. According to reports, the teen was heard making racist remarks and or jokes, one witness said: “They were talking about the Fourth of July hanging black people from trees that that would be the perfect party. Hopefully, with Donald Trump within the next few years, we can celebrate a white country, a real country without blacks. Maybe we can deport them to Africa.” This is all according to KENS 5. What Richard said was awful and disgraceful. Nevertheless, the actions of throwing a drink in a minor’s face and stealing property shouldn’t go without punishment either. All things considered, Jimenez losing his job that requires him be around people and being banned from a group that denouces all forms of violence is getting off pretty lightly. It is important to note that KENS 5 admit they could not verify the witness’ statement.
JUL. 6, 2018 / UPDATED JUL. 8, 2018