Off-Duty NJ Trooper Saves Drowning Swimmer

NEW Jersey trooper, Craig Kempinski, saved a life that was in jeopardy while on vacation in North Carolina on August 4. While relaxing at the beach with his family, his wife noticed a woman who was about 200 yards away. This person seemed to be struggling and was caught in a riptide. So, like the good trooper he is, Kempinski sprang into action, acquired a boogie board, and made his way through the dangerous tides to get to the distressed citizen.

Kempinski got to her as quick as he could and provided her the boogie board to stay afloat. He managed to bring the person ashore with the help of a paddle-boarder. Luckily, the individual did not retain injuries, only swallowing some water.

Kempinski isn’t a new recruit, reports say he has been a New Jersey trooper for eleven years.