Street Artists Multiply Donald Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame Stars

AN anonymous Trump-supporting street artist group are going out and placing false Trump stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. There have been times when Trump’s honorary star has been vandalized by anti-Trump protesters.

Two or so weeks ago, an anti-Trump individual took a pickaxe and destroyed the star; leaving nothing but rubble. The vandal was 24-year-old Austin Clay who if found guilty he would face upwards of three years.

A street artist talked with The Hollywood Reporter, claiming that he was motivated to do his actions because of the destruction of the star with a pickaxe two weeks back and the constant push to remove the star.

The anonymous artist works alongside members and supports of an anonymous group that call themselves “The Faction”. They are also allies with the well-known street artist; Sabo. They have spent around – if not more – than $1,000 on their mission. Though, the move was partially financed by an unknown third-party.

Of course, the stars were not there long and cleanup crews were called in where a member of the cleaning service claimed that they had found about 50 stars.