6-Year-Old Orders $350 Worth of Toys Online

AMAZON is a website that needs no introduction. You cannot go anywhere without finding at least one person who knows what it is. 6-year-old Kaitlin was allowed – with parental supervision – to order a Barbie doll for her birthday. After one purchase, however, she was hooked.

As it turns out, Kaitlin knew what she was doing and even used the one-click feature and the overnight option. The only way Kaitlin’s mother found out was through the delivery. Out came a man who began unloading box after box. To Kaitlin’s mom horror once she checked her Amazon account it had three pages filled with toys, video games, and board games that her daughter had purchased in her name.

Kaitlin’s escapade caused her mother to lose $350 as reported by Buzzfeed News. The miniature shopaholic was outed on Twitter by her cousin who posted an image of the 6-year-old standing next to a pile of boxes, proudly smirking.

Everyone seemingly had a laugh, even the man who delivered the packages stopped for a quick photo-op.

In the end, Kaitlin gave all her toys (save for the Barbie she was meant to get) to the children’s hospital where she stayed for a week. She is also being punished for her actions. She isn’t grounded, but she has lost her internet privileges.

Suffice to say, this isn’t the first occurrence. Following this, a series of parents recounted their run-ins with a similar situation on Twitter. Then there’s forum boards and Facebook where you can find even more.