IHOP Waitress’s Kind Deed to Customer with Down Syndrome has Gone Viral

REGINA Thomason and her brother, Dwayne Roach, went to IHOP in Abilene, Texas on August 22 and left with more than just leftovers. Roach suffers from Down Syndrome and had a thing for badges and name tags. The two had stopped at IHOP following a doctor’s appointment. Almost instantly, Roach had noticed their server’s name tag and commented on how he liked it.

After serving the siblings their food, the waitress, Millie Young, set out to do a nice thing for the 50-year-old. Before the siblings left, Young pinned a name tag labeled “CAPTAIN AMERICA” which is who Roach had introduced himself as.

When people come in, I want to make them smile. If they leave happy, it makes me happy,” Young told KTXS. Roach’s uncle is a Sheriff’s deputy and has provided him with badges in the past. He even has one that makes him an honorary officer.