Former Nurse Admits to Poisoning Husband for Three Days

52-year-old South Carolina woman, Lana Clayton was arrested and admitted to poisoning her husband.

On July 21, 64-year-old Stephen Clayton’s body was found by law enforcement. An autopsy was performed and high doses of “tetrahydrozoline” were found within his body. The specific chemical found is commonly found in over-the-counter medications such as nose sprays and eye drops. While it is beneficial when used in eye drops or sprays, if consumed, it can act as a neurotoxin and attack the nervous system.

Clayton admitted to police she had, for the past three days, tainted her ex-husband’s water with eye drops. No definitive motive was reported. Some point to her barely-used Facebook page where she claims her husband, Stephen Clayton, has been unfaithful in the past. The post is from March 7, 2010.

Prior to the charges, Clayton was working as a nurse in a VA hospital in Charlotte, North Carolina. She also attended Bible Studies.

She is being charged with malicious tampering of food. No bond will be set and she will remain in jail until her court date.