Say Goodbye to the 6S and Free Dongles

APPLE has been known to not care about what people say about them, they proved that with taking out the headphone jack despite public outcry that hasn’t completely stopped. Now, the tech giant is saying goodbye to the last two iPhone models that support the use of wired headphones without the use of an external adapter. This is their way of saying goodbye to the iPhone SE and 6S.

To try and soften the blow, Apple released their phones with a dongle; a device that you plug into your charging port to turn it into a headphone jack. This was something that, while inconvenient to some, did cause a bit less of an impact than if they did nothing. But, it was announced that their phones will no longer come with a dongle.

The iPhone XS, XS Max, XR, and the iPhone 8 are among the phones that no longer come with the dongle. While it isn’t – by far – the most expensive officially licensed accessory you can find (coming in at only $9), it still comes at a price when you think of how much you spent on your brand new iPhone. In the meantime, say goodbye to your iPhone SE or 6S.