Twitch Performs Vanishing Act Following Popularity Surge in China

TWITCH has seemingly been banned in China. While the streaming giant was slower in China than in other countries, the app saw a surge of popularity reaching the number three slot of all free apps on the iOS App Store.

Now, according to Abacus, Twitch’s website has disappeared and its corresponding app on the iOS App Store has disappeared, as well.

This occurrence comes weeks after the television broadcaster, CCTV chose to not air the Asian Games’ eSports event. The Asian Games’ eSports event was the first time eSports was ever part of an international sporting event. This was only made even more significant when China had taken home two gold medals in the event.

The streaming platform, owned by Amazon, is not the only platform to have been banned. China is very selective about what they allow their populous to view online. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter are banned. YouTube, Twitch’s biggest competitor, has also been axed. Though the app can still be found on the Chinese app store, it’s incapable of connecting to a server.