Prince Harry Believes Games Like Fortnite Are “Irresponsible”

In an unlikely combination, Fortnite and Prince Harry were in the news together. April 4 saw the Duke of Sussex visiting a YMCA in West London. During a speech, the Duke expressed his stance on video games, specifically games like Fortnite, and social media. He is under the belief social media is more addictive than drugs or alcohol.

He prefaced his beliefs by saying he doesn’t believe video games like Fortnite have any value in a household, and they shouldn’t be allowed. Now, at this very second, Prince Harry is only calling on parents to shelter their child from the “irresponsible” game. He claims it to have been “made to addict”. Many, even Fortnite haters, could agree that this is a baseless stance since it isn’t the developer’s problem to coddle the child. The reason many of these occurrences happen is that parents let it happen. There are parental controls for a reason.

Gaming and social media addictions are real, but hard to place as very little research have come to conclusive findings. This is especially true since everyone is different and as such so are their brains. In turn, this caused a lot of clap back against the prince on social media, the Fortnite community, and gamers as a whole. Some also noted how he – only a day before going public with his stance – had opened up a joint-Instagram account with Meghan Markle.

As of now, though, you can beat pinatas all day long.